Ehinger-Maguire House

Interior Design:  Jennifer Ehinger
Photographs © Dinofa Photography

Take a rustic stone house in the woods, add light, color and a Scandinavian touch, and voila! A bright, airy tree house with large, open spaces, the perfect retreat for this active family with personality to spare.

The well-designed home just needed an update, so the wall separating the kitchen from the adjacent dining room was removed, and the ceiling was raised up to the vaulted rafters. Disjointed flooring was replaced with hardwood throughout, and a fresh coat of white paint went on the walls. Tons of color and personality came in the form of artwork, fabrics, and lots of collections, including turned candlesticks, bright vintage enamelware, and cheerful Swedish wooden dolls collected over the years.

With a great eye and an appreciation for good design, Jennifer’s home reflects the vibrant family residing within.

Photographs © Dinofa Photography


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