What is the ModSquad?

Technically the ModSquad is a group of modern home enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of modern homes in the Philadelphia area. But we’re so much more!  We’re a social bunch who loves to share our passion for all that is Mid-Century Modern. We share information, inspiration, and sometimes the frustration of owning a MCM home.  We dish on the best auctions, vintage shops, designers and contractors.  Some of our favorite group activities include touring homes, many of which belong to our own members, attending lectures and museum exhibits, and, of course, happy hour at kitchy dinner clubs, chic restaurants, and fabulous lounges.  Join us!

I love the homes featured on your website, pinterest boards, etc. I didn't realize there were so many mid-century modern homes in this area. Some neighborhoods seem to have many more MCMs than others. In which areas can I find these homes in and around Philadelphia?

Below are the best places to find fab MCMs in the Philadelphia area:
Philly Main Line, specifically Narberth, Ardmore, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Wayne, Penn Valley, Wynnewood, and Gladwyne
Gulph Mills (King of Prussia)
Elkins Park/Cheltenham
Conshohocken/Whitemarsh Township/Miquon/Barren Hill

We finally found a home designed by our favorite architect. There were multiple offers because this architect designed only a handful of homes in the area, and they often remain in the same hands for decades. We are paying a premium for the architectural pedigree. Should we be concerned about the appraisal? Will the appraiser take the architecture into account when determining the home's value?

Architecturally significant homes present unique challenges when it comes to appraisals.  It’s important to work with a realtor who is knowledgeable about the appraisal process and can help you navigate these challenges.  If an appraiser considers local recent sales that are comparable based on things like square footage, lot size and room count, your architect-designed home may be compared to cookie-cutter homes, leading to an appraised value below your sale price.  The transaction can fall apart when this happens. I have worked successfully with appraisers to avoid this result by providing comparable sales they may not have initially considered.  With unique homes, it is often necessary to consider comparables that are outside the typical geographical area and time frame.  I have an extensive database of modern and MCM home sales (including private sales) to pull from to ensure your appraiser makes an accurate valuation.

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